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crucifer n : any of various plants of the family Cruciferae [syn: cruciferous plant]

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  1. (Roman Catholic church) a person who carries a cross in a religious procession
  2. a member of the family Cruciferae, the cabbage family, including cabbage and mustard
    Note: It is allowed to use Brassicaceae as an alternative and equivalent name for this family.

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A crucifer is, in some Christian churches (particularly the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, as well as on occasions such as Lent and/or Easter, Lutherans), a person appointed to carry the church's processional cross, a cross or crucifix with a long staff, during processions at the beginning and end of the service.
The term "crucifer" comes from the Latin crux (cross) and ferre (to bear, carry). It thus literally means "cross-bearer". Before the Roman Catholic reforms of the Second Vatican Council, the function of the crucifer was carried out by a subdeacon.

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